Here are some things you’ll like about Sidekick

Product summaries and comparisons

Tired of skimming websites and pasting product information into a word document? Your sidekick can create product information summaries customized to your needs.

Connect to your peer community

Your Sidekick can put you in touch with vendors and compatible KeyIn peers to share knowledge, best practices and experience with products.

Free as in really, actually free

By participating in this BETA you are shaping the future of KeyIn. Helping you succeed teaches us about how to make this site better. That’s why it costs nothing to get your Sidekick

Use your Sidekick to save time

You’ve been asked by your boss to research a type of product for purchase. You reach out to your sidekick Seb who provides you with a summary of the product specs and reviews based off your specific priorities. This helps you quickly see the good, bad, and the bottom line for that product

Use your Sidekick to validate your product choices

You have a product that you really want to use, and you want to convince your institution to buy it for you. Your sidekick backs you up with a side by side comparison you can take to your employer to demonstrate why your product is actually better.

Use your Sidekick to get insight from real users

You’re trying to decide between to products for a major purchase. Frustratingly, your employer doesn’t have the funds to send you to a conference to get more information. Trade organisation Listservs haven’t helped either. Instead, you can connect with your and is able to ask questions to KeyIn members who have used the equipment you’re comparing. Now you have the information you need to decide with confidence.

Use your Sidekick to have fewer headaches

You have some specific operating questions you need to ask a vendor about a product but can’t find the right contact. You send a message to your Sidekick and they get the right email. Then with your consent, they put you in direct contact with the product manager who promptly provides you with the info you need.

Choose a Sidekick

  • Jackie is a decisive, creative influencer: forward-thinking, ambitious, and spontaneous with a natural aversion to rigid structure. She is goal oriented and keeps her eyes on the prize.

Make Jackie your Sidekick
  • Lucy is an achiever: fast-paced, goal-oriented, direct, persuasive, and sometimes blunt. She is a meticulous optimizer who will always make sure the numbers add up.

Make Lucy your Sidekick
  • Seb is very relationship-focused, builds trust quickly, and appreciates open, casual conversations. He will look for creative, unexpected ways to help you succeed in your role.

Make Seb your Sidekick

Because every hero deserves a Sidekick

Welcome to the Sidekick Beta program. Did we mention the Beta is FREE? There are only 50 spots, so sign up now. We're excited to work with you to learn how KeyIn and your Sidekick can serve you better.

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