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Web based video capture and so much more

Purchased 2010-11-01

Posted 2014-04-15

Cyle Sprick, Director Simulation Unit, School of Medicine

Learning Space provides 3 fundamental features: video capture and playback with timestamped annotations, 360 feedback and assessment with customised forms, resource management for utilisation tracking of as much as you want to measure. It was originally designed for OSCE's, and we use it for that, but more often for live stream, sim debriefing and formative & summative assessments of student encounters. The key decision points were: 1) straightforward pricing posted on their website - excellent value 2) robust, enterprise level architecture (IP cameras, linux servers, SQL database)* 3) a very enthusiastic user community and responsive development team. Distributed, Enterprise level architecture - This was a key point for us since we have sim locations scattered all over South Australia and Northern Territory. Distributed Video Capture Servers talk to the central application server. We were able to modify system activity to minimize bandwidth usage to locations with very limited connectivity. Having proper servers to capture video eliminates all the headaches of individual PC/Mac recorders everywhere. We are the largest Learning Space installation in the world with 12 (soon to be 15) video capture servers with 146 (soon to be 176) AV devices in programs including: Medicine, Speech Pathology, Paramedics, Optometry, Rehab, Aged Care, Rural Clinical School and Law. The product continues to be improved and new features added. We have only scratched the surface of what is possible with continuous/longitudinal assessment with video evidence of performance. I am a satisfied customer and user. Read the full review

“A tool such as KeyIn is an absolute requirement to improve the research and purchasing decisions of a simulation center.”
Scott Crawford MD, Instructor Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

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