Having the right tools can literally mean life or death when it come to providing the best patient care. Equipping yourself with the best knowledge possible when choosing what to place in your facility is key. 

Keyin is a community of professional peers that uses trusted reviews to help you find the best manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers and create the most optimal patient experience. Make sure everyone has the information they need to get the job done.

“Keyin allows me to leverage my professional community to ensure I am always using the very best products and services in my private practice. ”
Lorne Rosenfield M.D. Private Practice, Professor at Stanford & UCSF

Access a knowledge bank of reviews by your professional peers


Have a safe space to discover new vendors


The best manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers


Tap into industry expert knowledge

Decide with confidence

We understand the pressure associated with purchasing high-ticket items. A poor choice can cost you valuable time and money, your reputation, and in some cases a life. That is why with Keyin, you are able to:

  • Find all the information you need in one place
  • Validate your decisions through a global peer community
  • And feel confident you are making an educated decision
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Be a hero to your peer community

We get it, the right kind of networking is invaluable. You want to have a credible peer community you can relate to, and help put your professional peers in your shoes. With Keyin you are able to:

  • Voice your opinion where it matters
  • Get recognized and establish credibility
  • Drive the innovation your industry needs
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