Interactive Product Walkthroughs

We’ve launched a new feature on our website that provides a guided tour of different parts of the website. We hope this helps you find the information you need, and makes navigating the site easier. Still having trouble? Just send a message to a Sidekick and they’ll be happy to help! Currently we have tours covering the homepage, product page and writing a review. The tours will only show automatically once, so you can also access them here by clicking Read More

Conferences are now on KeyIn!

Conferences provide the opportunity to network with peers and learn about products and best practices. However, they are also a major financial investment, and maximising value is essential. We want our members to be able to find the best conference for them, so now KeyIn members can benefit from reviews on conferences in medical simulation. We’ve added more than 40 conferences happening all over the world into our system. You can also access information like schedules and speaker lists. Click here Read More

Sidekick is moving out of beta

We are excited to announce that our Sidekick helper program is moving out of beta. This means that now all KeyIn members can benefit from the help of a personal research assistant. Here’s how your sidekick can help you: Save time with review summariesDon’t have time to read all the reviews about a product? Your sidekick can make a summary for you, highlighting information from users in similar roles.Connect to your peer communityYour Sidekick can put you in touch Read More

Introducing Sidekick BETA by KeyIn

For 3 years, KeyIn has been helping highly technical professionals increase their effectiveness, by accessing the expertise of their global peer community. Today we’re announcing a brand new feature, designed to give you freedom to focus on what matters in your day to day. KeyIn Sidekick BETA pairs you with a personal research assistant to make it easier for you to get the information you need. Because every hero deserves a Sidekick. This BETA represents the next step towards what we Read More

Welcome to the brand new KeyIn website and blog!

The KeyIn team has been really excited to bring to our users an updated user experience that will enhance the value KeyIn can add to industry relationships and purchasing processes. My name is Lucy Cantley and I have recently joined the KeyIn team as the Director of Operations. I’ve been following the progress of KeyIn since Fall 2015 and have been thoroughly impressed by the company’s vision and determination. Before joining the company, I felt that KeyIn was on the Read More