Announcing the Moulage Contest Winner!

WARNING: This post contains some graphic images. These images are not of real injuries, and have been created using makeup special effects. Over the past 2 weeks we’ve had some pretty gory pictures land in our inboxes, and we’re pleased to announce the winner of our Halloween Moulage Contest! We can tell you it wasn’t an easy decision, partially because most of us started to feel rather queasy when we looked at the photos! Congrats to Jalal, a Medical Simulation Operation Specialist from King Read More

Halloween Moulage Contest

The KeyIn Team is getting into the Halloween spirit! We want to see your BEST moulage pictures, the more gore the better. We’ll be featuring our favorites in our next Content Roundup newsletter focused on Moulage. Submit your pictures, name, title, what it's of, and twitter handle (optional) to Our favorite moulage picture will receive an awesome prize in the form of a moulage product!*. Deadline for submitting your pictures is midnight on October 23rd. Keep your eyes peeled Read More

Free Cardiac Emergency Infographic

It’s well known that cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of mortality worldwide. When dealing with cardiovascular emergencies, the time taken to properly diagnose and treat these conditions can have significant impact on patient outcomes. This means education through simulation exercises is critical in order for healthcare practitioners to be able to learn the subtleties of different diagnoses.  This infographic shows three common kinds of cardiovascular emergency: Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, and Ischemic Stroke. Share this on Facebook         Read More

Free Birthing Simulator Infographic

This infographic gives a broad overview of the options available to simulation professionals. It highlights the three primary types of birthing simulators and the pros and cons of each. Share this on Facebook Share this on Twitter Share this on LinkedIn Read More

Interactive Product Walkthroughs

We’ve launched a new feature on our website that provides a guided tour of different parts of the website. We hope this helps you find the information you need, and makes navigating the site easier. Still having trouble? Just send a message to a Sidekick and they’ll be happy to help! Currently we have tours covering the homepage, product page and writing a review. The tours will only show automatically once, so you can also access them here by clicking Read More