Why KeyIn?

Our core values are embedded into every aspect of what we do: from team culture, to product, to setting an example for the industries we touch. We believe by creating & fostering these values within Keyin we are shaping a new way for b2b industries to operate.
Be Authentic

This means embracing being genuine, reliable, credible and trustworthy.

Be Synergistic

Just as we encourage our users to share their knowledge to help each other and drive innovation, we expect everyone at Keyin to do the same.

Be Transparent

Transparency breeds trust and trust is the foundation of a great community. This trust extends to our users and demonstrates it is safe for the industry to follow suit.

Be Accessible

Anyone creating or using KeyIn should know that no door is locked. We continue to deliver the best value by keeping an open mind and “listening” to what the industry needs.

A bit of history

How did we start?


From buildings and bridges to MRI machines, It’s easy to forget how much we trust our world to “just work.” But the truth is 50 year old sourcing processes are resulting in dangerous, expensive, and sometimes fatal mistakes.

The problem is poor communication. But our current system doesn’t allow for sourcers, end users, and manufacturers to have the transparency and level of communication they need to drive innovation, and ultimately safety and success, in their industries.

The breakdown happens during the purchasing process:

  • Vendors (manufacturers, distributors, and service providers) need better access to their global audience and a direct line of communication to their end users.

  • Purchasers need reliable, relevant information from trusted sources.

  • Practicing Professionals need a practical way to share their knowledge critical in driving future innovation and avoiding critical errors.

Our mission at KeyIn is to make it easy for information to flow globally between everyone involved in big ticket purchases; especially that trusted opinion.

Today, we provide a platform that is collecting purchasing and industry data never seen before by industry analysts and our mission is to make it available to as many people as possible.

KeyIn takes the pressure out of purchasing decisions

We make it easy for information to flow globally between everyone involved in big-ticket purchases